The Best Horse Movies

All horse lovers love horse movies. However, the list of favorites are not always the same. My all time favorite horse movie is The Black Stallion. I already had an extreme love for horses when this movie came out and I just had to see it. Well, after watching The Black I became more than just a horse lover.  I was obsessed. I am of the opinion that your first great horse movie experience is what determines your favorite movie.  What is your favorite horse movie? 

I recently discovered that there are horse movies that I have not watched, Ride A Wild Pony, Lightning the White Stallion, Primo Baby and a few others.  While I'm sure they will never replace my favorite, I am eager to find out if they change my top ten list.  Take a look at my current favorite top ten horse movie list, Top 10 Horse Movies of All Time. Did you find movies that you have not watched?  What are your top ten favorite horse movies?

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