Horse Movie Review: The Colt (TV 2005)

The Colt
This Hallmark, original movie takes place during the Civil War. A Union First Cavalry unit finds themselves in an unwanted situation when one of their mares has a foal, The Colt. He is born during battle and is viewed as an embarrassment and hindrance to the unit. However, none of the men were able to bring themselves to rid their Cavalry of the adorable Colt. It becomes a mascot, a reminder of goodness and a reason for hope.

As the movie goes on, you get to know the men on both sides of the war and begin to sympathize with them.  We laughed and cried. Then all of a sudden near the end, I started thinking, this is why it was a TV movie. I will not give spoilers so it is safe to continue reading.

There is a moment that is so predictable.  It drags on and you know just what will happen. Then you nod because you are proven correct. At this point I feel disappointed in the movie and angry at the Cavalry unit for being so stupid.  Then all of a sudden it changes and becomes unpredictable. One of these unpredictable moments makes you think good things about all people and that there might just be good in everything alive. It is my opinion that the movie should have ended at this moment.  It should have ended when two of the men nod in appreciation of each other but it doesn't. Now at this point we are angry and crying, again. Why? We all know what war is like and that it must go on. Some things can just be assumed. Why couldn't this end on a positive note. Why?

"The Colt" would never make my Top 10 Horse Movie List.  However, even though I was disappointed with the ending, I thought it was a good made for TV horse movie.  I have read a few reviews that rate this movie poorly but I never expect too much from any made for TV movies. It is a must see for anyone who loves horse movies. There is no rating listed. I would say it is not for very young or sensitive children.

"The Colt" -  Movie Trailer

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