Reflections Dressage Horse and Rider Winter Snowflake Collection

This Reflections collection features a silhouette dressage horse and rider with an enchanting winter snowflake background and a reflecting riding surface.  This design is available on posters, "Reflections" greeting cards, "Thank You!" cards, "Happy Birthday" cards and "Season's Greetings" holiday cards.  The entire collection can be found at Reflections Dressage Horse Winter Snowflake Collection...

Top 5 Horse Calendars for 2018

If you are truly horse crazy you know it's that time of year again...  You can never have too much horse in your life and you must get a new Horse Calendar (or two). They are great for the house, stable and the office.  Calendars also make excellent inexpensive Christmas holiday gifts for all your horse loving friends and family.  Take a look below to find the Top 5 Horse Calendars for 2018.

Spirit Horses 2018 Wall Calendar

This beautiful calendar is filled with beautiful photos of both wild and domestic horses by Tony Stromberg.  Most years, Spirit Horses is my favorite calendar.  This year it is tied with the Happiness Is a Horse calendar...
This calendar is filled with amazing photos by Christiane Slawik.  It makes having two calendars an easy decision.

What Horses Teach Us 2018 Calendar

Just Horses 2018 Calendar

Horse Lovers 2018 Mini Wall Calendar
This mini calendar is full of beautiful images and perfect for smaller spaces.

Happy Holidays Horse and Horseshoe Christmas Collection

Happy Holidays Horse and Horseshoe Christmas Card
Happy Holidays Horse and Horseshoe Christmas Card

This Happy Holidays Horse Collection features a silver horseshoe decorated with a holiday bow, ornaments, strings of faux holiday lights and other seasonal decorations.  A few also have a beautiful set of warm brown horse ears.  Each item can easily be modified and personalized with your own holiday greeting and any text you desire.  The greeting cards are available in two different styles, a traditional card as featured above and an invitation style...

FREE Horse Thanksgiving Clipart (Personal and Commercial Use)

Elegant Horse Happy Thanksgiving Clipart

This collection of Free Horse Thanksgiving clipart features Happy Thanksgiving text with a variety of silhouette and line drawings of horses and ponies.  These clipart images are all PNGs with transparent backgrounds.  You can download any image by right clicking it or opening it in a new window and then saving them to your computer.

Terms of use:  All of the featured clipart was created with images that are in the public domain.  They are available to be used for both personal and commercial projects.  The only restriction is please don't copy this post offering it for free on another site.  Other than that there are no terms of use restrictions and can also be resized and modified.  If you need a FREE Image Editor try  It’s my favorite free editor and very easy to use.

Silhouette Horse with Golden Happy Thanksgiving Clipart

Silhouette Horse and Rider Jumping Thanksgiving Jump

Silhouette Horse Happy Thanksgiving Clipart

For even more clipart take a look at FREE Thanksgiving Clipart (Personal and Commercial Use).

Have a very Horsey Thanksgiving

Horse Themed Advent Calendars ~ Countdown to Christmas

Christmas Stable Advent Calendar

Countdown to the Christmas holiday with a horse themed advent calendar.  There are a few different styles available for horse lovers of all ages.  A few are even filled with special treats for horses and ponies too.  These fun calendars also make excellent gifts for horse lovers hosting your Thanksgiving holiday.  Take a look below to find your favorites...

Countdown with hidden horse themed toys...

The following calendars by Schleich and Playmobil are each filled with horse themed toys.  Behind each day you will find a horse, a rider, a piece of tack or barn supplies.

The Schleich Horse Club 2017 Advent Calendar includes a Shetland pony mare, an adorable Shetland pony foal, a noble Arab mare, a pony saddle, paddock, feed and many more fun horse and pony accessories.

PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar Pony Farm

This PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar Pony Farm includes a backdrop, three figures, two ponies, one foal, cart with rolling wheels, two dogs, chicken and chicks, grooming tools and many other accessories.

Paper Calendars

Open paper doors to reveal pictures as you countdown to Christmas...

Advent Calendar Wooden Rocking Horse

This Wooden Rocking Horse Advent Calendar has you countdown to Christmas with special ornaments that can be used to decorate the horse and are hidden in small numbered wooden drawers.

For Horses and Ponies Too...

Countdown to Christmas with your favorite horse or pony.  These adorable advent calendars are filled with Lincoln Horse Bix Treats.

Lincoln Advent Calendars for Horses

Lincoln Christmas Horse Advent Calendar 

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