FREE Disney Princess Belle and Her Horse Philippe Coloring Pages

Little girls just love Princesses and Horses.  So, what could be better than a Princess and her horse.  This collection of coloring pages features Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Princess Belle and her faithful draft horse Philippe.  They are great for every day activities and are perfect for Princess Belle themed parties.

If you are having a Beauty and the Beast themed birthday party just add a few coloring pages to favor bags or use them as an activity during your party. Either way, your birthday party guests will be thrilled.

Just click the following links for full size printable pages.

Beautiful Horse 3D Crystal Pendant ~ Review

Beautiful Horse 3D Blue Crystal Pendant

Beautiful Horse 3D Blue Crystal Pendant:  I purchased this pendant for my daughter's 18th birthday.  It reminded me of her childhood pony and  I felt it was the perfect way to begin her adult life with some of her most precious memories.  Now about the pendant...

This is a very inexpensive pendant, under $20, and a great choice for those who are fans of blingy fashion jewelry.  My daughter is also an ex Irish Dancer, where bling is a way of life, so this was perfect for her.  The pendant I purchased came with a beaded necklace but could easily be removed and added to any necklace, as shown in the image above.  The first thing I noticed was that the enameled coloring on the face is much lighter than pictured.  Here is the original image of the necklace that I purchased...

Beautiful Horse 3D Crystal Pendant
Here are a few pictures of the necklace that I received...

Front View 3D Horse Crystal Pendant

Side View 3D Horse Crystal Pendant
You can see that the enamel is a much lighter blue.  The light blue is just as amazing and the blue crystals are fabulous.  One last thing, this pendent is on the large side measuring approximately 1.25 inch wide and 1.5 inches long...

Large Beautiful Horse Crystal Pendant
In the end, she loved this necklace so much that she wore it everyday for an entire month.  She continues to wear it but not everyday and it has held up beautifully.  This Beautiful Horse 3D Blue Crystal Pendant will forever be a very special part of her jewelry collection.

FREE Mare and Foal Horse Clipart (Personal and Commercial Use)

Mare and Foal Silhouette Horse Clipart
This collection of FREE horse and pony clipart features mares with their foals.  They are perfect for Mother’s Day, emails, printouts, crafts, scrap booking and more.

Terms of use:   All images are in the Public Domain and are available to be used for both personal and commercial projects, with no terms of use restrictions.  Select each image to download.  A few of the images are available in multiple formats and sizes.  Some of the sites also provide an online editing tool.  If you need a FREE Image Editor try  It’s my favorite free editor and very easy to use.  Enjoy!

Cute Mare and Foal Clipart

Foal Nursing Horse Clipart

mare and foal by presquesage
Mare and Foal in Field Horse Clipart

Mare and Foal Clipart 1

Arabian mare and foal
Arabian Mare and Foal Horse Clipart

FREE Horse Easter Clipart (Personal and Commercial Use)

Pretty Horse Happy Easter Clipart
This collection of Free Horse Easter Clipart features Easter bunnies, colorful eggs Happy Easter text and of course horses and ponies.  All of the Clipart images below are PNGs with transparent backgrounds.  You can download any image by right clicking or opening in a new window and then saving to your computer.
Terms of use:  All of the featured clipart was created with images that are in the public domain.  They are available to be used for both personal and commercial projects, with no terms of use restrictions and can also be resized and modified.  If you need a FREE Image Editor try  It’s my favorite free editor and very easy to use.
Cute Blue Pony and Easter Bunny Horse Clipart

Cute Pink Pony and Easter Bunny Horse Clipart

Silhouette Horse and Orange Flower Easter Egg Clipart

Silhouette Horse and Pink Flower Easter Egg Clipart

Horses, Bunny, Flowers and Easter Eggs Clipart

Pretty Line Art Horse Happy Easter Clipart

Horse Themed Ukrainian Easter Eggs ~ Pysanky

Horses Black White Ukrainian Easter Egg

Ukrainian Easter Eggs or Pysanky are decorated using a wax-resist method called Batik.  There are many different design elements used in creating a single egg.  My favorites include flowers, birds and of course, horses.  The horse symbolizes strength and endurance.  In ancient times it was thought that the horses of Dazhboh, the sun god, pulled the sun across the sky and because of this, the horse is also the symbol of wealth and prosperity.  My family loves to create these beautiful eggs using a simple Ukrainian Egg Decorating Kit.  They are also available to purchase and make amazing decorations and gifts for you and your horse loving friends.  Take a look below to see some of my favorite horse themed Ukrainian Easter eggs...
Ornament with horses Christmas Pysanka chicken egg hand painted Ukrainian Easter ornament
White Horse Pretty Pysanka

Horses Chicken Size Blown Real Ukrainian Easter Egg Pysanky
Traditional Cute Horse Pysanky

For even more of my favorite egg designs take a look at Ukrainian Easter Eggs ~ Pysanky.  If you need a few stylish egg holders see Decorative Egg Display Stands.

Have a very horsey Easter,
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