The Best Hoof Pick for Horses and Ponies Too

All Hoof Picks Are Not Created Equal!

When my daughter got her pony we went shopping for her first set of brushes. She wanted an expensive Oster grooming kit. I thought that the set was over priced and proceeded to show her how the less expensive brushes and tools were just as nice and color coordinated. Besides, I used them all my life and they worked fine for me.

After a few months of her struggling to pick her pony's hooves a friend offered to let her use her Oster Hoof Pick. 
Oster Equine Hoof Pick ~ Available in Pink and Blue
We have been using the Oster Equine Hoof Pick since 2007.  This hoof pick is perfect in every way. It has a perfectly designed comfort handle, that offers the correct amount of leverage and padding, so that you never strain or tire when picking hooves. The picking instrument has a narrow but blunt edge and is great for cleaning out the worst mud, rocks and dirt.Well, I saw that it was much easier for her and so I purchased her one. A few months later I misplaced my, trusty less than a dollar, hoof pick and borrowed my daughter's Oster hoof pick. Okay, I was floored at the difference. It took me seconds to clean my horse's hooves and they were so much cleaner. I finally admitted that I was wrong and purchased my very own.

At one point we misplaced one of our Oster hoof picks. I thought I would try one of the other similar brands but it was not the same. I tried a few more brands but the handles were off and the picking instruments were not shaped correctly. Eventually I gave in and purchased another. This is one item that is a must for all horse and pony owners.

Happy Picking,
Michelle (HorseAndPony)

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