Horse Themed Mother's Day Gift Ideas

If you have a Horse Crazy Mother or Mother In-Law, then horse themed gifts are just what you need this Mother's Day.  I know this because, I am a horse crazy mother and I could never receive too many horse themed gifts.  Take a look below to find great gift ideas for mothers of all ages and riding disciplines.

Horse Themed Jewelry

Horse Jewelry is a great Mother's Day gift.  Here are a few of my favorites this year are...
Ladies' Lila 'Live, Laugh ,Love, Ride' Necklace
This necklace features a silhouette horse head on one site and the inspirational words 'Live, Laugh, Love, Ride' on the other.

Extended Trot Suede Cord Necklace
This necklace features a 1.5" metal pendant with an etched extended trot horse design.  It is available in a copper tone with a brown suede cord and a silver tone with a black suede cord. 

Mixed Metal Bead Horse Charm Bracelet
This Mixed Metal Bead Horse Charm Bracelet features copper, bronze, pewter tone, mixed metal beads and three horse themed charms.

Horse Mugs

Horse Themed Mugs make coffee, tea or any beverage more enjoyable...

Big Sky Carvers DW Faith Coffee Mug

Boho Black & White Horse Mug

This unique black and white horse mug features the text 'let your spirit free' on the inside rim.

Leonardo's Running Horse Mug

This beautiful horse mug features the text "Bread may feed my body, but my horse feeds my soul" around the base of the mug.

Horse Yard & Garden Decor

These adorable Horse Stand Planters are one of my all time favorites...

Rust Metal Horse Planter 

There are many different colors and breeds available.  For a great selection take a look at Whimsical Horse Planters for Your Home or Barn.

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