2011 Todorovden Horse Race Results & Pictures

Last week I wrote the post, A Fun Family Horse Race to Celebrate Spring.  I just received an update and results from JMB Active.  It sounds like the race was a huge success.  Take a look!

JMB Active wrote...

"In Apriltsi Todorovden marks the beginning of the horse riding season with the annual horse race in Vidima. This year it also marked the first day of Spring. The sunshine was out. It was warm. The snow had melted. And many people turned out for the event. The famous TV chef Uti Bacharov entertained the crowd with good humour.

All images are courtesy of JMB Active.

Anybody can participate in the race. There were young and old, men and women. All with the same passion for horses. There were contestants with full-breed race horses and others with mixed local breeds with and without a saddle!

This year the winner was Ruja Netkova with horse named Omar from village Lagut near Apriltsi. There were also prizes for the muddiest horse and jockey, the best dressed, the youngest and the eldest. It was a great day of fun for all the family. People from all over Bulgaria came to see the races. Some people came with their tractors and trailers to enjoy kebab and home-made Rakia from a higher vantage point.

Apriltsi located in the centre of Stara Planina is a beautiful region for horse riding. JMB Active organises family horse riding trips for all ages and all levels from one day to a full week using experienced guides."

These are only a few of the pictures.  If you would like to see more, take a look at JMB's Todorovden Horse Race 2011 Album.  What a great way to celebrate the beginning of spring!

Michelle (HorseAndPony)


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