The Best Mane and Tail Brush for Horses and Ponies Too

Need a good Mane and Tail Brush? Tired of broken bristles and tangled Manes and Tails? Then read on to find out about the perfect Mane and Tail Brush.

My daughter's pony has lots and lots of hair. So, when we went shopping for her first set of brushes she insisted that she needed a large vent type brush. I showed her the little metal hair comb that was sturdy, nicely priced and it was similar to the one that I had used most of my life. She pointed out that all of my horses had manes and tails on the thin side and it would never work for her pony.  I agreed and purchased the large brush.  However, in just a few weeks time, this new brush had missing bristles and it was full of beautiful pony hair. Then one day a friend offered to let my daughter try her Oster Mane and Tail Brush. The difference was amazing. I purchased one right away.

Oster Mane and Tail Brush Available in Blue and Pink

After months of using the Oster Mane and Tail Brush it never lost a bristle and was never full of hair. I tried it a few times on my horse and loved it. I loved it so much, that I bought my very own. We purchased these brushes in 2007 and have never had to replace them.

The Oster Mane and Tail Brush is the perfect brush no matter what type of mane and tail your horse has. This brush has a perfectly designed handle for comfort and control. The brushing bristles are strong but flexible and designed for multi-directional brushing resulting in no broken brush bristles, less tangles and more comfort for your horse. This is the only mane and tail brush that you will ever need. It is more expensive than other brands but it is worth every penny. We love our Oster Equine Mane and Tail Brushes.

Happy Grooming!
Michelle (HorseAndPony)

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