NFL Football Themed Saddle Pads

It's almost time for Super Bowl XLV.  I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and love everything Steelers.  My daughter has a beautiful black pony with a big mane.  Since the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl again, I tried to convince her that we should put a gold strip down his back and paint Troy Polamalu's number on him.  Of course, we would use that special paint made just for ponies. :)   

Take a look here at Troy Palamalu and his famous hair. 

My Daughter and Her Pony

Well, she didn't think that was a good idea.  So, we decided to get Pittsburgh Steelers saddle pads.  I found one here at R9 Horse Custom Creations.  Take a look at the center of the page.  If you navigate to the Sports Teams section, you will find a great selection of both English and Western saddle pads.  They also have saddle pads for the Colts, Cowboys and a few other teams. 

Go Steelers!!!

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