Equine Art

I love equine art of any kind drawings, paintings, photography and more. I think it is safe to say that I'm an Equine Art junkie. Is this true for all horse lovers? What is it about horses that makes one want to look at them night and day? I would like to share some of my favorite Artists. So, in addition to the Horse Rescue of the week, I am going to have an Equine Artist of the week.

The Equine Artist of the week is....

I first discovered Delia's art on Squidoo.com. As I was searching for other horse lovers I found her site, The Horse Gift Mural-Le Cadeau Du Cheval. It was my first horse mural experience and I was instantly addicted. As I started reading about this fascinating project the story turned personal. Her story is so touching that I cry every time I read it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Delia has an amazing collection of art. Take a look at few more of my favorite Equine Art sites by Delia:

Oh, and one more fascinating fact about Delia... She is the SunMaid Raisin Girl. It's true and you can read all about it here at ME...the last SunMaid Raisin Girl.

I'm off to look at more of Delia's beautiful art.
Michelle (HorseAndPony)


  1. Hi Michelle! I had no idea about this nice article done on my artwork...I would like to Thank You...and let you know your kind words are appreciated.


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