Cute Horse Themed Halloween Party Invitation

Cute Horsey Halloween Holiday Party Invitation
Cute Horsey Halloween Holiday Party Invitation by TheCutieCollection

This super cute Halloween invitation is great for any horse themed party.  It features an entire crew of horses all dressed in costumes for the holiday.    There is a bay princess, a paint Santa Claus with a foal dressed as elf, a palomino ghost and...  there is always that one personal who doesn't dress up but claims to be something they already look like.  Well, that would be the leopard Appaloosa dressed as a cow, of course.  This group of adorable horses is ready for a party with bags full of treats in a field with the barn behind them and a full moon shining behind a forest of spooky trees.  It's the perfect Horsey Halloween party invitation.  Each invite can be personalized with all your party details.  Just select the invitation above to view additional information and edit.  This design is also available on a few other products with the text "Have a Horsey Halloween".  Take a look...

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