Horse Rescues

There are always so many horses that need rescued. The good news is there are many excellent organizations that are rescuing them. However, they need help. They need volunteers, donations, foster homes and people to adopt. All of these options make it possible for horse lovers of all ages to help.

Want to find a local horse rescue? Take a look at the site Become a Horse Rescue Volunteer to find a list of rescues near you. Did you know that you can also help by sponsoring a horse or pony? This is a great option if you love horses but are not able to have one of your very own. For additional sponsor information take a look at How to Adopt a Horse, Pony or Donkey
I will soon be featuring different horse rescues. If you have one or know of a great rescue please leave a comment and let me know about it.

Michelle (HorseAndPony)

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