Horse Ghost Books for Kids ~ Not Too Scary or Sad

Some ghost stories can be a little too scary or sad for children. The books featured below are neither. When my daughter was young we loved a good ghost horse book that didn't make us sleep with the lights on or cry for hours. 

Horse Ghost books are great for horse crazy kids any time of the year but Halloween is the perfect holiday for these spooky stories. Holiday themed books are also an excellent way to get younger children interested in reading.  This collection includes a few different recommended age ranges that include ages 6 - 12 years.  Take a look at some of our favorite ghost horse books for kids. We hope you enjoy these books just as much as we have.

Colt in the Cave - Animal Ark Hauntings #4

Colt in the Cave was my daughter's favorite.  She re-read this book a few times a year and was of the opinion that ghost horses were not just for Halloween.  Recommended age range 9 - 12 years.

Brave Horse - Mustang Mountain, Book 6

One year my daughter received Brave Horse as a Halloween gift.  We had just moved to the Colorado Rocky Mountains and she was so excited that it took place in our own backyard that she read it in one day.  Recommended age range 8 - 12 years.

Stallion in the Storm - Animal Ark Hauntings #1

Stallion in the Storm is a great ghost horse book from Animal Ark Hauntings.  My daughter loved every Animal Ark book that she read.  They are a great choice for kids who love animals.  Recommended age range 9 - 12 years.

Ghost Horse - A Stepping Stone Book

Ghost Horse was another Halloween holiday book purchase.  My daughter loved this book but never tried any other books in this series.  I'm not sure how many but I do know there are a few other horse books available in this collection.  Recommended age range 6 - 9 years.

Foal in the Fog - Animal Ark Hauntings #5

Foal in the Fog is yet another great book from Animal Ark Hauntings.  We have searched for other horse books from this series but haven't been able to find any.  If you know of any please leave a comment to let other know.  Recommended age range 9 - 12 years.

Ghost Horse - Phantom Rider 1

Ghost Horse was another favorite.  I think there are two additional books in this series.  Recommended age range Middle Grade ~ 8 - 12 years.

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