School Supplies for Horse Crazy Kids

Cool Camo Equestrian Backpack
Do you have a school age kid that needs more horse to their school day? Then add some horse and pony fun with a few themed school supplies. When I was school age I was lucky and very happy to have found a horse notebook.  Today there are so many supplies available and they are all amazing.    Take a look below to find a great selection for kids of all ages and both English and Western riding disciplines.  You will find a pencil case, lunch boxes, backpacks and more.

Pencil Cases
These stylish horse pencil cases are perfect to help keep things organized.  There are cute graphics, beautiful horses and adorable ponies...

Wildkin Horses in Pink Pencil Case

Horse Trail Pencil Case

Colorful Horses Pencil Case
Lunch Bags, Totes and Boxes
A horse or pony themed lunch box or bag is a back to school necessity for all horse lovers. Take a look at this great selection of lunch bags and boxes.

Olive Kids Munch 'N Lunch Bag Horses

Horses in Pink Lunch Box

Silhouette Horse Lunch Tote
Live Love Ride Horse Lunch Tote

Horse Backpacks
All school age kids can show off their love of horses with these great backpacks. There are both traditional and messenger style backpacks.  They are available in many different styles and sizes that are perfect for all ages.

Olive Kids Pack 'N Snack Backpack Horses

Horses in Pink Kickstart Messenger Bag

Colorful Horses Backpack

Stephen Joseph Sidekick Horse Backpack


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